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How Zephyr Enterprise supports BDD for better customer experiences?

What is BDD and why do we need it?

BDD is a fancy term used for Behavior Driven Development and testing.

BDD is a simple syntax in which a developer refers to write code and the QA tester designs test cases


  • A shift in the thought process from thinking about “tests” to thinking about “behavior”.
  • The need for a method where business users can sketch use cases without having to understand the technical language associated with translating them into test cases.

Understandingly, the market demanded tools which could create test cases from business scenarios into plain English language. Companies started to come out with automation tools like Cucumber which provide automation with testing scripts from simple English language such as, “If the battery is dying, then check if the cells are also dying.”


At Zephyr, we believe the challenge of clearly defining user needs and sketching use cases without writing code can easily be solved in six ways.

  • Following the 5 Why’s principle to understand real user needs and the purpose of the user story. This will help uncover the “real” problem.
  • Having a 3 Amigos Session- Business Teams (Product Team and Customer Facing Team), Development Team and Testing Team come together to define and agree on the user story.
  • Each amigo brings a unique perspective and understanding of the user story to the table:

    - Business Amigo thinks about what problem or user need we are trying to solve. The application behaviour is explained in Gherkin language (Listing out User needs in plain English which can be used for coding in format Given-When-Then-And).

    - Developer Amigo thinks about the technical feasibility and how a solution can be provided for a problem.

    - Tester Amigo thinks about meeting the acceptance criteria and mitigating the potential risks and impacts.

  • Using the BDD framework to translate Gherkin language to developer’s language like Java, Python, Ruby etc.
  • Using Cucumber which helps you run automated test cases for the scenarios identified. Both developers and testers can channelize this platform.
  • Product Teams certify the acceptance criteria for the user stories to be shipped to customer.

How does Zephyr provide BDD?

Let's look at a simple example of searching a book from the library quick.


Writing a scenario in Gherkin Language and importing it in Zephyr application


You can next Configure Zephyr Server and Access key inside Zephyr


Zephyr provides an out-of-box plugin, which runs BDD scripts through MVN

In an analogy, Maven works like a food processor where different units (called plugins) are used to accomplish different tasks. For example-- compiling, running a script etc.


Scenario has been created as a Test case in Zephyr


Scenario is added as Test Steps


BDD Cycle is planned utilizing Zephyr Test Planning


Showing Result of Scenario executed by MVN

How does Zephyr differentiate from the market?

Aside from following the 5 Why’s and having a 3 Amigos meeting, you can also add more value to your business and BDD framework with these features found in Zephyr Enterprise:

  • Zephyr supports parameterized behavior execution
  • zAutomation framework passes different data points to those scenarios
  • Automate test cases by utilizing zAutomation framework by passing different data points to those scenarios

It doesn’t end there. Zephyr can help add value to your business by organizing your test cases in our application and more importantly getting reports and metrics on those automated test cases. In Zephyr Enterprise:

  • With a simple click of a button, the test cases can be pulled into the application
  • Test cycles can be automated by simple command
  • Results and Metrics are published and available in real-time using powerful Zephyr gadgets and dashboards

By leveraging the perspective of stakeholders, utilizing the Cucumber Framework for test automation, and providing comprehensive metrics and dashboard reporting, Zephyr Enterprise will add value to your business and help you address customer needs more efficiently and effectively.